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> Date: Wed Jul 14, 2004 2:54 pm

> Subject: funding and the FRs (what we really did)


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> So thatís the FR spiel. I understand where many FR

> group members come from, just like I understand where

> many extremist feminists come from. But whatís the

> point? Why are you worried about where his funding is

> coming from, but not hers?Ľ



> I believe I was the only one with any funding. the Bingo money. Of course

> Woodís in Iowa received that federal grant ten or twelve years ago. That

> money was spent on access research. None of the funds I earned were used to

> represent parents or fund experts. We did at one time bring James Cook

> from Las Angelas to testify to the Colorado General Assembly and I believe both

> VOCAL and FFER helped pay Dr. Underwagerís costs when be testified in the Colorado

> Senate Judiciary Committee.


> Nope the femnist never did figure out what we did. Let me clue you in Shandra, we gave up any joint custody legislation and committed ourselves to obtaining custody for fathers were appropriate. As a result. tens of thousands of children in Colorado and tenís of thousands of children in other states reside

> with their fathers and indeed the mothers are ordered to pay child support.


> Here is another example, in Colorado every custody case goes to court under laws which, in some instants, I wrote or had a part in becoming law. C.R.S. 14-10-124, Best Interest of Children states that the court will consider the ability of the mother to place the needs of the children before her own vain and petty needs, it also states that the court will consider the ability of the mother to encourage the sharing of love, affection and contact between the children and the father That right there is how fathers obtain custody of their minor children.


> By the way, I was once the villified father. Time is the biggest truth teller in all of this, my daughter now lives with me the mother does not pay child support, nor have I asked. In fact I recently purchased four new tires for her Jeep (from a custodial father pal of mine who gave me a GREAT deal).


> Iíd say itís safe to say that in Colorado the mothers lost the custody wars. Iím batting seven hundred.


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