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Report from Washington


August 23, 2004


Child Support Feds Hold Meeting, Announce New “Strategic Plan”

by Stephen Baskerville, President, American Coalition for Fathers and Children


The federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) held the first part of a two-day, “invitation only” meeting today called the African-American Forum. Invitees included child support enforcement officials, small community groups, and a small number of national organizations, including the American Coalition for Fathers and Children.


OCSE Director Sherri Heller, opening the meeting, announced a new National Child Support Enforcement Strategic Plan, 2005-2009. Dr. Heller acknowledged that the current enforcement system is “way out of balance” and promised to develop procedures that “treat both parents fairly.” She began the meeting by saying it would be a “two-way conversation” and said, “We want to listen,” though immediately following her remarks she left the meeting.


Dr. Helter said she was excited by the new Strategic Plan, though the document seems to contain little that is substantially new. She promised to prevent the build-up of unpaid arrearages through “early intervention” but did not say precisely what that intervention would be. She also pledged that more payments would go directly to “families” and less to the government. The Strategic Plan says its aim is to build a “culture of compliance,” in which parents support their children “voluntarily” but also says that “severe enforcement remedies” would be applied to those who fail to volunteer.



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