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January 2, 2008 - National Alliance for Family Court Justice (NAFCJ) has obtained evidence that the government funded organization with the most authority and responsibility for investigating child pornography has a policy of rejecting complaints about parents who use their own children for pornography.


On December 15, 2007 — The Washington Post ran a front-page article: “Crackdown on Child Pornography featuring NCMEC officials engaging in public hand wringing over the explosion of child porn ‘under their watch’.  They just can’t understand why there is so much more porn these days!  While this ploy may work with the general public, who has little knowledge about the behavior of people who use children for sexual exploitation, we at NAFCJ, a grass roots group in excess of hundreds of caring citizens all over the country, can see right through the smoke and mirrors routine of the NCMEC people. Our members are mostly mothers who struggle to represent children who have experienced child abuse with the added insult of system failure and fraud problems.  Some have called NCMEC with evidence of their child being sexually abused or even used for porn — typically by the child’s father.   NCMEC intake staff, always hostile and dismissive of these complaints, offer only abhorrent and negligently lame excuses for ignoring the sexual abuse of children.


Unfortunately for these children, their parent abusers are labeled "intra-family" abusers, who are then given a NCMEC pass to continue the abuse. NCMEC is despised by most in the child abuse victim and advocacy community, as they are viewed as part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

On Wednesday, December 19, 2007—  NAFCJ leader, Liz Richards, met with NCMEC staff  on the invitation of John Shehan, Deputy Director, NCMEC Exploited Child Division, to address these concerns.  Instead of a frank discussion about the child abuse issues, NCMEC staff dished out a steady stream of self-gloating, along with dishonest “not-our-job” excuses, such as never taking intra-family case complaints.  NCMEC President, Ernie Allen, frequently says in public comments, that most child abusers are those close to the child, especially the parents. Ironically, sitting in on this meeting was NCMEC’s own staff member Marcia Gillmore-Tullis, who has the title of “Family Advocate”.  Gillmore-Tullis, herself, admitted to referring cases to the notorious anti-victim “deprogramming” center - The Rachel Foundation run by fathers rights affiliates.  Kids are held against their will and badgered and threatened into recanting their complaints of abuse by their father.  Gillmore-Tullis and the Rachel Foundation believe that all complaints by mothers, on behalf of their children against fathers about child sex abuse, to be lies, and that to protect a child means to convince the child she or he hasn't been abused, and that they don’t like their mother. Not surprising, the Rachel Foundation people have been sued many times and has consequently lost its licenses to operate in some states.

These anti-abuse views are routinely mirrored by other NCMEC staff, when rejecting intake callers or those calling to complain about their policies of acting to protect the abusive fathers rather than the victims.


What NCMEC staff didn’t know on that Wednesday, was that everything they said at that meeting was being clearly documented by a recorder hidden under a bulky sweater.   No longer will they be able to fool the public and Congress into believing that their first priority is protecting children from abuse and exploitation.


We demand a thorough investigation of what is really going on at the large and unproductive, failure-to-protect-the-children, 6-floor  NCMEC building in Olde Town Alexandria, Virginia.  According to their latest 990 filing, obtained from the Guidestar site, they have over $30 million in public grants. They need to be held accountable for failing to achieve their primary mission – which was admitted in the Washington Post article.


Maybe the reason why Ernie Allen & NCMEC, as well as their well funded, in-house, FBI staff experts haven’t been able to stop porn, is because the trail leads to their door.  Will anybody confront them with the apparent contradiction of how they can identify and catch child porn viewers without having access to child porn hosting sites,  yet rarely or never report seizing the electronic equipment being used to offer the porn images for sale, or seizing the bank accounts of those selling the porn?


Why aren’t Ernie Allen & NCMEC staff taking obvious steps to stop child porn, including locating the master servers hosting the porn sites and selling the images, or identifying the men raping the children in the images?  We know one reason – NCMEC is expending its resources helping fathers who have been identified as molesting their own children, while fighting the mothers who are trying to protect their children from child sex abuse.  They have been “working the wrong side” for many years.


Contact NAFCJ representatives to get specific names of families victimized by NCMEC's pro-abuser, fraudulent case handling, and to hear the audio tape of NCMEC staff saying: "That's not our mission," "that's not our job," when the issue of child sex abuse was raised, plus their acknowledged collaboration with a notorious pro-abuser organization which is dedicated to the silencing of child victims.


Have you been NCMEC’ed lately?

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